Saturday, 12 September 2009

Tories set to scrap the Diplomas

So it seems that opposition to the new diplomas will be formal rather than merely implied, if the TES is to be belived:

I'm not sure whether the hopeless fudge of Tomlinson which Ruth Kelly initiated, or the Conservative's evident distaste for any serious reform of qualifications is worse. I think that mostly I feel sorry for all the students who have enrolled on a course that nobody is likely to recognise in ten years, and for all the schools and teachers who have spent so much time and money setting them up. What a farce, and what a wasted opportunity the Tomlinson report was. Now progressive change to qualifications seems further away than ever.

Expect to her lots about 'Gold Standards' during the election campaign, and see how the diplomas are held up as a shining example of Labour waste. Sadly, given the lack of conviction with which they were launched and marketed - the Tories may have a case on the latter point.

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