Sunday, 6 September 2009


Welcome to my first ever blog. Thanks to Ed Gerstner for encouraging me to start this up, and thank you to anyone who may take the time to read my outpourings - such as they may prove. What I hope this blog will enable me to do is to share ideas, links, resources and thoughts with those interested. As I start this blog up, English teaching and education policy stands at something of a crossroads. The fault lines for the next decade are emerging and teachers and schools need to prepare themselves for a different emergent tone from central government. In the coming months, I shall be interested in the vision (if any) Ed Balls presents for Education under a fourth term for Labour, and shall seek to scrutinise the words and actions of Michael Gove for clues as to how we pedagogues may have to adapt under a new, Tory, regime.

In addition, and just because it makes me happy, I may from time to time say a little about the following topics:
- Doctor Who 2010
- The latest revelations from my reading group
- The trials and tribulations of contemporary pug dog ownership
- The battle for a people's republic of Yorkshire
- Why the BBC needs defending from the enemies without and within

I hope you enjoy and feel free to interact and contact me to say nice things!

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